Andy Schleck calls himself a fighter and vows to get back to his best form before Saturday’s Grand Depart in Leeds.

The last two years has seen a huge fall of the two Schleck brothers has become a major mystery for the world to witness. For some reason it seems that schlock has been ripped of his luck and has been doing quite badly in the last few years with a best example to cite would be to remember when he came on the 20th place while finishing in the Grand Boucle last year. Even earlier this year he started but failed to finish all the three Ardennes Classics.

With reference to his stooping level of tenacity he has been denied the leadership in this year’s tour with his Trek team instead charging him with assisting his brother frank, who is the new leader and the veteral  Spaniard Haimar Zubeldia in mountains. To this Andy insists at his personal determination being intact with his belief that he still has a name and he possesses good capacity and good legs. He continued saying that he goes to the tours with lesser ambitions nowadays while focussing his first objective at helping Frank and Haimar in the climbs. With his hope firm on the Tour de France which he believes would open a pool of opportunities for him to reach the podium once again winning millions of hearts. The last two years have been tough for him and he has worked truly hard to reach it to the place where he has reached presently. Though its a long way to come back and a huge step needs to be taken, but Andy is surely ready for that.

He surely is extremely excited about the Tour de France and it is realistic for him to reach the place where he used to be. It would be tough and not easy but only to prove him to be a fighter.