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Team Sunweb star Warren Barguil has been sent home by his team as they felt he strayed from the race goals. Barquil was the team domestique at VueltaaEspana but the climber wanted a free role in the mountains.

The team had several disagreements during the course of the race and it climaxed in stage 8 so Sunweb decided to send him home. They said the pro cyclist “openly expressed” his non conformation to the goal of the team so there was “no other option” than announce that Barguil would leave the race immediately.
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The Predicted Route For Tour De France 2015

Since the official launch of the Tour De France there have been many gossips and rumours. It is being aid that this time the Tour will be a one to test the four riders that have always stood out in the grand Tours. These riders namely are Chris Froome, Vincenzo Nibali, Nairo Quintana and Albert Contador. The Tour is set to have a classic opening like always and shall be accompanied with finishes that are tricky.

Utrecht which is well known for its crosswinds will be the prologue stage. It shall be followed by a very difficult and flat road stage opening in the North Sea Coast of Holland’s manmade island of Neeltje Jans. Considering the hotel bookings, the contacts with local organizers and authorities and using local press the famous Dutch blogger thomas Vergouwen has accurately predicted each year the route of the race and so has he this time. Mur De Huy is going to be the finishing for stage three and the culmination of the spring classic that is a sharp climb. Stage four is unlikely to have any cobbled sectors and shall start from the suburbs of Liege to the northern French town of Cambrai.

The tour shall witness some tough and neck-to-neck competition among all the competent riders. Many of the riders who were not successful previously are already waiting in anticipation. Mur De Bretagne which is a short but tough climb in Brittany has been proposed to be the stage eight of the tour. There will be a series of stages that will be held in the northern coast of France. Cadel Evans has been the winner of the stage previously. The scenario that comes forth at once is that the coming year’s race shall not be a cake walk for the champion of 2013.


Life Changing Moment After Cycling for Oliver Duggan

A long standard set by Oliver Duggan was the ride of 217 miles to London from Manchester is no mean task. The itching started after covering 70 miles and then again after 150 miles. The itch eventually results into pain after undergoing into an ache.

Every joint and muscle in his body would pain with hurt in the eyes and hands.

Sometimes the soar of the saddle became intolerable. The question that arises is what the need of travelling 217 miles all alone was. It is as simple as it can get for a noble cause! In the beginning of the September the event entitled Challenge of Manchester to London began. To raise money for the patients of autism 137 riders were incorporated to ride from the second city of UK to the capital.  It was started by Rapha. The father of the CEO has a son who is autistic.

In the north of London for a school of autistic children, donation of euro 100,000 was pulled in. It is event like this which enables even amateurs to try and push their limit. For Duggan it was more of a motivation personally. He was an obese boy who weighed 100 kg at the age of 20. He fought many battles to overcome the obesity. His weight drastically fell as the baggage of his psychology fell.

Energy preservation is the most vital element which is associated with cycling and for those who want to go long distances. It is certain that the energy depletes fast. If the scenery is good with lush green countryside and mountains then the ride becomes smooth. The ride is also associated with psychology. Moreover, the bike and the cycle have to be in good condition. Enduring the ride wins half the battle with perseverance.


Protest Against New Road Layout For Cyclers

More than a 100 cyclists rode around King’s Cross gyratory to protest against the new road layout designs that do not protect the safety of the cyclers much. Two cyclists had died in the cycle lanes that are not present at the junction of five motor lanes through which even construction Lorries and buses pass.

According to a London Cycling Campaign spokesperson, the transport in London will fade the gyratory away in the next 10 years. In many places of TFL’s design of the roads, many motor traffic lanes have been turned into protected cycle lanes but at the junctions of roads, they disappear altogether. In some places the cyclists have to take a detour by getting on to the pavement.

Gyrators were built in 60s or 70s to make lots of traffic to move without the use of traffic lights and also avoid accidents. But with the presence of busses and pedestrians, it becomes a futile design.

Andrews Smith, a protester who travels 50km by bike every day says that the road designs are not good for cyclists. He says that on this road to work there has been four accidents since the start of the year. According to him the design made by TFL is absolutely inadequate.

A biomedical lab assistant Helen Clarkson had read James Grower’s speech and she said that she also travels across London every day but she avoids King’s Cross although it makes her trip short because she prefers quieter streets with narrow and segregated lanes for cycles.

The director of Road Space Management at Transport for London (TFL) Alan Bristow said that to provide the cyclists with improved safety, they will begin construction at King’s Cross later on this year which are going to take about six months to be completed.


Andy Schleck Promises To Get Back

Andy Schleck calls himself a fighter and vows to get back to his best form before Saturday’s Grand Depart in Leeds.

The last two years has seen a huge fall of the two Schleck brothers has become a major mystery for the world to witness. For some reason it seems that schlock has been ripped of his luck and has been doing quite badly in the last few years with a best example to cite would be to remember when he came on the 20th place while finishing in the Grand Boucle last year. Even earlier this year he started but failed to finish all the three Ardennes Classics.

With reference to his stooping level of tenacity he has been denied the leadership in this year’s tour with his Trek team instead charging him with assisting his brother frank, who is the new leader and the veteral  Spaniard Haimar Zubeldia in mountains. To this Andy insists at his personal determination being intact with his belief that he still has a name and he possesses good capacity and good legs. He continued saying that he goes to the tours with lesser ambitions nowadays while focussing his first objective at helping Frank and Haimar in the climbs. With his hope firm on the Tour de France which he believes would open a pool of opportunities for him to reach the podium once again winning millions of hearts. The last two years have been tough for him and he has worked truly hard to reach it to the place where he has reached presently. Though its a long way to come back and a huge step needs to be taken, but Andy is surely ready for that.

He surely is extremely excited about the Tour de France and it is realistic for him to reach the place where he used to be. It would be tough and not easy but only to prove him to be a fighter.


Wiggins opts out of Volta a Catalunya

Celebrated track cyclist Sir Bradley Wiggins has decided to give next week’s Volta a Catalunya in order to take a climb specific training for better performance in the future. The 33 year old cyclist has decided to not compete in the seven day Spanish race which he initially decided to participate in for the support if Chris Froome. But he was advised by his Team sky coaches to skip it for the extensive training routine in the mountains.

The press reports believed that Bradley Wiggins will be playing the part of Froome’s climbing domestique at the Volta, and will be nursing him back to the bottom once they have peeled off. But he was persuaded by his Team Sky coach Tim Kerrison to opt out of the tournament and take part in the block of training which has been quite beneficial for the veteran.

Bradley Wiggins is rumoured to return in order to compete in the Paris-Roubaix which will be held on April 13, the California Tour in May and also the Tour De France and Criterium du Dauphine later in the year. The training is specially designed to make him ready for the extensive season which lies ahead.

The Volta a Catalunya will be held in the Catalan part of Spain from March 24th to March 30th. The race will feature nearly all the major names and is guaranteed to be a major success. The organizers have expressed their regret on the matter of withdrawal by Wiggins, but it is believed that it will not be affecting the popularity of the renowned race. The race is considered quite challenging by the cyclists because of the tricky roads and also the weather conditions, and as a result, the organizers can trying to make sure that the quality is maintained in the preparations.


Evans To Make A Comeback

Cadel Evans will be back this year on the tracks after a setback for 2 years. Evans could not participate in any of the tournaments due to his inconsistency and illness but this year he will try his level best to make a good comeback and it is something that has been long called for.

His coming second in the Australian road cycling championship last Sunday will give him a huge boot for the season ahead. The best part in the race was when he was going toe to toe with Richie Porte and Simon Gerrans and the finish was just epic. Allan Peiper the BMC sporting manager said that Evans is really looking forward for the Adelaide’s Tour Down Under which is about to start next week and talking about his confidence it is sky high right now after his win last Sunday. He also feels that this may be the right season for Evans to prove everyone that the 2 year gap has not got him off form and he can be one of the best in the track.

Allan also went on to say that when he goes out for his training every morning he gets to hear boys talking about Evans and how great he is looking and not to forget how fit he is now with his “cut” legs and his amazing performance on Sunday. In an interview with AAP Allan said that Evans is doing really well with the other guys in the team and the stage is all set for him this year to make it bigger and better than ever. He added that momentum is one thing that you would never want to lose in the cycling career and Evans at this point has a great momentum and he would definitely want to keep that momentum going for the rest of the season in 2014.


High Praise For Katie Archibald

Brit cycling chief Sir Brailsford has all the good words to say about the rising 19 year-old Scot rider Katie Archibald. He described her as a fantastic prospect for English cycling.

The young Scot has earned 3 medals & broke a phenomenal world record within just a couple of weeks in top-tier track cycling. Archibald was a member of Great Britain female team pursuit foursome which bagged gold & set the fresh world-best timing record at Netherlands hosted 2013 Euro Track Championships 2 weeks back. Following the Euro feat, the rising Scot also presented a fantastic performance at UCI World Cup held at Manchester last week. Brailsford seemed thrilled with Katie’s feat at the UCI Challenge as well and even lauded her ride as “super”.

The Scot appears quite a Boho in style with her pierce lips and pink mane. She rides for the esteemed Scottish team Braveheart. The dashing Glaswegian bagged a silver in scratch race & then a bronze medal with a spectacular fight in individual pursuit next day.

These were certainly phenomenal feat for a cyclist who just took to riding merely 3 years back & has not even mastered the skill of a safe riding within a bunch.

“How could anyone not be so impressed?” said the amazed Brit chief. “She stepped up & delivered. You are compelled to believe that in spite of her new foray into the sport, she has got a huge head room. A truly exciting prospect.”

Interestingly, Archibald was initially a swimmer in her school days but checked out on riding on her dad’s suggestions. Her first encounter with cycling was through her participation at Highland Games in grass-track events. Soon success embraced her and it was Katie’s rising popularity in the Scottish lands that drew the focus of Brit Cycling on her.