A long standard set by Oliver Duggan was the ride of 217 miles to London from Manchester is no mean task. The itching started after covering 70 miles and then again after 150 miles. The itch eventually results into pain after undergoing into an ache.

Every joint and muscle in his body would pain with hurt in the eyes and hands.

Sometimes the soar of the saddle became intolerable. The question that arises is what the need of travelling 217 miles all alone was. It is as simple as it can get for a noble cause! In the beginning of the September the event entitled Challenge of Manchester to London began. To raise money for the patients of autism 137 riders were incorporated to ride from the second city of UK to the capital.  It was started by Rapha. The father of the CEO has a son who is autistic.

In the north of London for a school of autistic children, donation of euro 100,000 was pulled in. It is event like this which enables even amateurs to try and push their limit. For Duggan it was more of a motivation personally. He was an obese boy who weighed 100 kg at the age of 20. He fought many battles to overcome the obesity. His weight drastically fell as the baggage of his psychology fell.

Energy preservation is the most vital element which is associated with cycling and for those who want to go long distances. It is certain that the energy depletes fast. If the scenery is good with lush green countryside and mountains then the ride becomes smooth. The ride is also associated with psychology. Moreover, the bike and the cycle have to be in good condition. Enduring the ride wins half the battle with perseverance.