The sports show specialists from Kent University organized a tour de France conference is becoming famous at a very fast pace.

This event which is endorsed by UCI will be held from Wednesday and Thursday in Leeds, on 2nd and 3rd of July just prior to the city hosting the majestic leave of the 2014 tour and is directed by Professor Louis Passfeild and Dr.James from Kent School of sports and exercise science.

Behind best cycling presentation and special spotlight on the tour and its importance on the science, the meeting has by now captured most of the worlds cycling coaches, world’s best scientists on sports, medical practitioners and people from resembling of pro-teams omega pharma quick step, Germin-Sharp, Movistar and Francais Des Juex. The conference will also think about the viewpoint cycling without doping and will enquire about the height of current doping accusation, confessions, convictions, disclosure and arguments in the game.

Professor Passfeild describes the meeting that intends to further make the use of the science in cycling and facilitate in circulating related information to the practitioners. Passfeild has worked with the British cycling Olympic team. He uttered that the conference was planned to arouse and motivate for the upcoming partnership and performance based on research for the gain of new development of cyclist, sports scientist and coaches. It will also display the newest improvement in high act cycling and will also recognize the huge thoughts in the science of cycling sports in the following ten years.

This might turn out be a very hectic event as 250 delegates are expecting to be there on individual days of the meeting, including media. They will run a school event on Wednesday afternoon for 150 children and an additional event that will be free for around 250 members on Thursday evening said Dr.hopker a professional on cycling efficiency.